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A-MOSAIC (ey moh-zey-ik) is my LiveJournal for posting any Japanese pop translations I do. The name comes from the song MOSAIC by AAA (Triple A, or Attack All Around). 'Cause my journal is mainly focused around AAA, therefore, a mosaic of AAA things (oh silly me).

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(Namie Amuro, Yuya Matsushita, and a couple others)

|Credit & Usage Guide|

Please follow the rules I have set out below when crediting me, using my
translations, etc..

  • I do not allow full translations to be reposted, no exceptions.
    This is because I have a tendency to go back and fix any mistakes
    I may have made so I can make my work better.
  • Do not post my lyrics to sites like JpopAsia.
  • Please link whatever page you have copied from in your credits so visitors can see the original page.
  • Do not translate my translations into a different language. Please
    message me for permission.
  • You may use my lyrics to be used for subbing. Please leave me a comment so I know. However, credit me on whatever page you use for posting subs. Do not credit me on the video. Please make it clear that I am not responsible for uploading your video, etc..
  • Comments of love, corrections, etc, always appreciated!

| Disclaimer |

All translations are made for private purposes only. These should not be considered official tanslations. All of my work is written using my own interpretation of the original source. Translations may include mistakes, misinformation, or misinterpretations.

I do not have any affiliation with any artists, song writers, etc. that are mentioned here.

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